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Monokuma had devised a strange little game for the group of stranded students to be forced to play. The morning announcement had come with something new - "Effective iiimediately~ access to all food good on the island will be prohibited! Only when all challenges are completed will you all be able to eat the scrumptious, succulent -" Chomp! The distinctive sound of his teeth tearing in to what was probably a meat of some kind, and his subsequent chewing, sssaulted their ears and lasted for a sold minute. 

Gulp!" Ah~ Chew your food properly, kids! Don't wanna choke on it, ya know?!" They all wished that he could, "There won't be a killing order, in case you were all thinking of ignoring my game," The psychotic monochrome mascot stated, "I just want to watch you all squirm a bit! Have some laughs! Lighten the mood~ Ya know, before you're all going off and killing again!! Bwahahahahaaa!!~~" 

"Ahem, that's all. It's a really simple game. Either you all comply, complete the task set out for you, and eat! Or none of you eat at all." That was it.

Seconds after Monokuma's wake up call ended, every E-Handbook in possession of living students pinged. That marked the delivery of the individual challenges they were all tasked with in order to get some food in to their stomachs.

"S-s-s-soooo... Em-ehh... Embarrassiiing..!" Mikan Tsumiki, the Ultimate Nurse, had received a challenge that was easily within the top five things she dreaded Monokuma giving to her. 

Her condition to meet - Walk around in her underwear until curfew and she had to start her time before eight AM. Staying indoors even a second after would result in severe punishment. The threat of punishment from Monokuma was bad enough, but not completing her challenge meant problems for everyone else! Which could also mean problems for herself...! More importantly though, everyone else would be without food!

Mikan stripped down with weak whimpers and sobs, her face steadily growing redder as she revealed more of her fair skin. Down to her undergarments, her simple white bra was not so bad. No, it was her pinkish-white panty briefs decorated with cartoonish syringes. She found them cute, but she knew others would think vastly differently. There was one girl she worried about the most. Her less than adult designs would surely be more fuel for the fires of her despise. More ways for her to belittle the Ultimate Nurse.

"I can't think about that right now...!" If she did, she would never be able to go through with this!

Her only other options were any of the several pairs of too small panties that hugged her hips in ways she didn't want everyone to ogle. They had all seen plenty already due to her own klutziness... Just thinking about the provocative positions she had landed in made steam rise from her red hot ears. "Ooooh...!" Mikan groaned, already mortified.

With very tentative steps, Mikan ventured outside, her sneaker clad feet lightly tapped against the ground. Her eyes nervously scanned the housing area for any signs of the others. They were likely all gathered at their usual meeting place.

"Okay... Okay..!" Mikan was panting rapidly, verging on full blown hyperventilation. "It's okay..." She wrapped her arms around herself tighter. She felt the cotton of her underwear slip between her cheeks as she walked. Reaching back, she casually hooked a finger underneath to set it free.

"The coast is clear... I don't know what I'm going to do once someone sees meee! Oooh!"

"MIKAAAN!!!" The Ultimate Nurse turned, eyes wide and jaw dropped. Her name being screamed gave her quite the fright and tugged on that instinctual reaction ingrained within her from years abuse and torment at the hands of bullies to just bow and apologize profusely. Running toward her at a tremendous speed, headlong and looking positively demonic with her grin, drool wetting her bottom lip and chin, was Akane Owari. A girl who really enjoyed her food, "MikanMikanMikanMikaaan!!" 

"Wha..? W-whaa..?!" She slowly curled in on herself in an attempt to cover her panty briefs. The athletic, hungry girl closed the gap between them with hands outstretched and fingers curled. Mikan expected anything other than Akane's fingertips slipping underneath her waistband in front. "Huh??" She covered her blushing ace out of habit, eyes wide and frenzied.

Akane's tug was swift and fierce. As one would expect of the Ultimate Gymnast, described as 'one big muscle'.

"Kyaaaahh!!" Her long, uneven locks jumped. Her entire body jerked and she thrust her pelvis out in response to the sudden, immense pain in her loins.

"C'mere c'mere!" Akane urged, turning Mikan around while she danced on the tips of her toes. She took one hand away from the front and grabbed a handful of the seat of the Ultimate Nurse's panty brief's, "Gotta do.. This!" And gave them a hard yank straight up their wearer's back. Having her underwear riding up between her cheeks, and so deeply, was an odd sensation to say the least. Mikan's hands weakly pushed down on both the front and back, whining and groaning from the onslaught of strange sensations hitting her all at once.

The pressure against her most sacred treasure sent mixed signals to her brain, the pain driving her away, but there was an undeniable tingle of pleasure. It was masked in her moans. It added a bit more red to her already scarlet cheeks.

Akane lifted Mikan in to the air with a small grunt, an effortless feat for someone of her athletic ability, and the poor girl in the wedgie really felt it. "Owowow!!" Gravity pushed her further down on to the wooden horse of a wedgie. Weakly did she flail her legs and landed only soft, glancing kicks against Akane's toned calfs.  It was all she could to hold on to Akane's arms, hold on for dear life for fear of tipping over, and hold herself up somewhat to alleviate SOME pain in her groin and buttocks. Lot of good that did her though.

Akane gave the front a hard tug, drawing pained squeals from the Ultimate Nurse suspended by the stretched panties. Mikan's eyes shaped open and crossed. Her grey orbs shimmered with the tears that threatened to fall as the burning friction against her womanhood only grew more intense.

"And then the back..!" Akane sounded as if she was talking more to herself! Mikan found herself bending over the gymnast's arm in front of her and squealing as the seat of panties sank further between her cheeks. The alien sensation of having so much of her underwear forcefully crammed between her buttocks, baring them to the elements, was odd. Odd, painful and embarrassing.

Not one for thongs, she could only imagine this was a similar feeling. Minus the the pain of the pressure, friction and frontal panty pulling, anyway. She shot up, back straight, as Akane subjected to another yank on the front of her panties that drove the cotton beyond cameltoe. The bunched up panty briefs were leaving little to the imagination.

Then the frontal panty pulling stopped suddenly like before and Mikan found herself bent over yet again from the incredibly mind-boggling wedgie in back. "Waaah...!" She couldn't take this! She did not know how to deal with this! Her grey eyes spiraled in this moment of frantic emotion, "Hnngh! .. Ahh! I'm s-so-so-sorryyy!" Mikan whined, kicking her feet. Akane gave the front of her underwear a harsh tug, the back slackening, "Eeyaaah!!" Her entire lower half tensed as she felt another surge of fresh, hot pain through her treasure. Both arms had taken to gripping Akane's left arm in hopes of using it to push herself away from the pain. 

Akane's constant pulling, giving Mikan little time to relax and collect what little peace of mind she had, had left her weak. What strength she had had been wasted at the start of this panty pulling punishment. She was at the mercy of the Ultimate Gymnast.

The waistband was so far up. Akane's forearm was resting against the underside of her  breasts!

"No no no ...! No mooore, pleeease!!" 

Back and forth, back and forth! Mikan's squeals and cries of pain and her begging to be released from this torment fell on deaf ears. Akane's eyes were wide and solely focused on her task at hand. "Gotta eat! Gonna eat..!" She would mumble. Up on the front and Mikan would howl briefly before silencing herself, biting her bottom lip. Up on the back and the Ultimate Nurse would groan, the cotton crammed between her cheeks equal parts uncomfortable and painful. It was a Hellish see-saw, a torturous back and forth that turned Mikan in to a squealing mess.

Her legs grew numb and the pain only intensified as Akane's methodic panty marionette work sped up.

"Haaah..!" Mikan wailed, gripping tightly Owari's arms, "My tushy! My... M-my...! Aahh! Please! No more no more no mooore!" This time, she got an answer back.

"Almost done! I gotta make sure that little plushy piece a' shit doesn't screw me over!" Bracing herself with her feet spread shoulder width apart, Akane set Tsumiki on her feet on solid ground. The Ultimate Nurse took that time to use the tanned, busty gymnast as support while she stood there panting, whimpering happily that the pressure had gone.

Her brief respite was just that; very brief. Akane pulled straight up, her left hand hitting the underside of Mikan's breasts and her right hand brushing against the part between her shoulder blades, this was the true Hell. Mikan could not even scream. 

Her face turned a shade of red darker than Mahiru's hair. Little sounds like whimpers came up from her throat, slipping past her teeth currently bitting in to her bottom lip. Her eyes were crossed from the sheer immensity of the pain. Her mouth fell open as she hung there.

"Whyyy???" Mikan whined, "I-I'm s-s-s-sorry if I maaa - made you ma-mad, Akaneee..." And she was dropped. Her wedgied tush smacked softly against the ground. She was quick to fall on to her side and clutch at her womanhood, massage it to stave off the lingering effects of the massive wedgie. Her other hand weakly gripped the bunched up line of fabric at the top of her crack.

"Guh! Sorry, Mikan!" Akane immediately wiped away a bit of drool from her lower lip and fought back the light hunger pains as a low rumbles emanated from her stomach, "It was part a' my challenge to do that to ya!" She crouched down in front of her fetal friend, giving her a clear eyeful of her plain white panties and cameltoe. Akane brought out her E-handbook and showed Mikan exactly what she was ordered to do in order to 

"Pull on Tsumiki's panties. Do this to her to be exact." Akane showed her a video in a link, showing the lower half of a girl being lifted by her panties and tormented in the same fashion with the giver alternating pulls on the front and back of their panties.

"Oooh..." All Mikan could muster was a low whine, her eyes shimmering with unshed tears. Curled up, she gingerly worked to remove the cotton thrust up between her currently sensitive buttocks and what little there was buried in her treasure.

"No hard feelings, right?" Akane asked, a big grin spreading across her face. She gives he Ultimate Nurse a swift, stronger than anticipated, smack right one of her wedgie bared butt cheeks.

"Eep!" Now, only a few more hours walking around in her underwear. What else could go wrong?

"Where's that rotten, ugly bitch, Tsumiki?!" The vitriol laced tone of one Hiyoko Saiyonji reached the ears of them both, "I wanna complete this stupid stupid stupid challenge thing! You had better not make me come find you, you dumbass skank!!"

"Oh. She sounds pissed..." Akane mumbled.


Winning request from my request lottery.

:iconandyeah: gave me free reign with a DanganRonpa request. Hopefully I did all right.
sleepallof2day Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2017
Poor Mikan XD
Andyeah Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, did you ever do it right :D

This was awesome.
quicksilver000 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017
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